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冰球突破的教育学博士(EdD)课程为学生创造了一个参与合作探究的环境, focused scholarship, and applied research.

Our EdD programs are oriented to the improvement of professional practice by extending the knowledge, expertise, and skill of candidates through the application of research to leadership issues. 经验丰富的从业者和专业人士, including teachers, administrators, counselors, 以及接受高等教育的个人, related community agencies, and organizations, 准备好成为系统领导者和社区变革的推动者,并准备好在职业生涯中取得进步吗.

Three Pathways to Completion

PSU的博士课程共60个学分, 其中硕士研究生专业课程27个学分. 一旦完成专业部分至少15个学分,学生将被邀请参加队列面试过程. 成功完成面试过程将使合格的候选人进入每年夏天开始的队列. Once assigned to a cohort, 学生将完成八个博士核心课程以及任何剩余的专业课程和三门学位论文课程. 该队列是PSU博士课程的一个组成部分. It is expected that students will complete the 60-credit degree within four years. 完成学位的总时间不得超过五年.

Pathway 1 (必须有至少27学分的硕士研究生课程)

  • 在三年的时间框架内完成全年八门博士核心课程,在校期间每学期选修一到两门课程, in sequence, 从夏天开始,两年后结束. See course schedule model.
  • 核心课程以密集或混合形式提供, 需要课前和课后作业.
  • Students must
    • 已获得硕士研究生课程(实习, internships, 和顶点将不包括在内)
    • 在他们所选择的领域有至少五年的成功经验
    • 可以在整个三年中参加密集的周末课程,以完成博士的核心要求.
    • 专业课程必须获得博士课程协调员的批准,并达到7000级或同等水平.
    • Courses must be completed within six years of admission to the doctoral program.

Pathway 2 (必须有至少15个学分的硕士研究生课程)

  • 在三年的时间框架内完成八门博士核心课程,同时在秋季和春季学期完成剩余的专业课程. See course schedule model.
  • 核心课程以密集或混合形式提供, 需要课前和课后作业.
  • Students must
    • complete the remaining 12 credits of specialization courses during the first two years, along with the EdD core classes
    • 在他们所选择的领域有至少五年的成功经验
    • 可以在整个三年中参加密集的周末课程,以完成博士的核心要求.

Pathway 3 (must have earned master’s degree)

  • Complete eight doctoral core courses and specialization courses over a four-year period. Specialization courses will be completed during fall, spring, and summer semesters. 
  • 核心课程和专业课程以密集或混合的形式提供, 需要课前和课后作业. 
  • Students must
    • 在被邀请参加每年夏天开始的队列面试之前,至少完成15-18个硕士后课程的专业部分学分.
    • 硕士研究生核心必修课程:
      • 协作式领导
      • EP 7404专业人员定量研究
      • 进行定性研究
      • 道德领导与决策
      • EP 7060法律问题和政策制定
    • Complete the remaining 9-12 credits of specialization courses during the next two years, 以及曾经分配给一个队列的EdD核心课程.
    • 在他们所选择的领域有至少5年的成功经验
    • Be available for intensive weekend courses throughout the four years to complete the doctoral requirements.

冰球突破是由 新英格兰高等教育委员会 并于2009年组建了第一个EdD队列. PSU is also a member of the nationally recognized Carnegie Program on Education (CPED), 并按照与此相同的原则发展了冰球突破官网的项目 introduction to the program, and in this video developed by CPED students.

This is a practitioner based program meant for individuals who are looking to transform their organization, 通过个人发展和基于行动的研究来提升自己. 该项目将使您能够为内部和外部利益相关者发展合作伙伴关系和联系,使您的论文可以在多个层面上影响变化.

Learning, Leadership and Community

The EdD in Learning, Leadership and Community is designed for experienced practitioners and professionals, including teachers, administrators, 咨询师和从事教育工作的个人, 社区机构和其他组织. EdD candidates will have four years total to complete the coursework and dissertation.

Curriculum Requirements

Higher Education

高等教育教育博士课程旨在为博士生提供在各种高等教育环境中成功职业所需的技能和知识. 目前在高等教育领域工作的博士生, and those who aspire to, will be able to explore the field of higher education through core and specialization courses, and participate in a practicum experience designed to give them direct experience in their areas of interest. EdD candidates will have four years total to complete the coursework and dissertation.

Curriculum Requirements

博士课程的录取是竞争性的,向拥有硕士学位和在所选领域至少五年的成功经验以及证明证据的个人开放, or potential for, professional leadership.

秋季、春季和夏季学期接受申请. 所有材料必须在以下规定的截止日期前提交. As part of the application review, 根据入学时获得的硕士后学分数量,学生将被建议遵循三种途径之一来完成该项目. 项目协调员将与学生密切合作,邀请那些准备进入博士阶段的学生参加下一个夏季队列的面试. 

  • Fall 2023 – Apply by August 1, 2023
  • 2024年春季- 2023年12月1日前申请
  • 2024年夏季队列- 2024年3月1日申请
  • 2024年夏季- 2024年4月15日前申请

教育博士课程的入学要求要求通过冰球突破官网的学校提交以下材料 online application

Minimum GPA of 3.0 or better

招生审查小组将考虑学士学位的学习历史, 硕士和研究生课程.


认证机构授予学士学位和其他研究生学位的正式成绩单, along with official transcripts from any/all other colleges and universities attended. 会议记录可通过电子邮件发送至 or mailed to PSU Graduate Admissions, 17 High Street-MSC 52, Plymouth NH 03264

Three professional recommendations

Professional recommendations must:

  • 直接说明申请人申请博士课程的候选资格;
  • include a detailed explanation of applicant’s strengths and ability to do research; and
  • address applicant’s potential to successfully participate in, and complete, a doctoral program.
Current resume


Professional writing sample

申请人可以创建一个写作样本,也可以使用以前在学术上提交的作品或出于专业原因撰写的作品. Writing sample must:

  • 写在最近两年内
  • be original and individually written (group projects or papers will not be accepted)
  • 思路清晰,条理清晰,逻辑有序;
  • include multiple supporting details (literature) with sources cited correctly within the narrative;
  • indicate mastery of grammar, usage & mechanics; and
  • 揭示适当使用APA格式的证据.
Statement of interest


  • 说明你申请博士课程的原因;
  • describe your preparation and/or readiness for commencing doctoral level coursework; and
  • 解释为什么冰球突破官网的项目是合适的.

接受夏季队列-博士核心 & Dissertation
  1. In March of each year, EdD项目主任将邀请至少获得15个硕士后学分的博士生参加即将到来的夏季队列的面试过程. 
  2. 将与4-5名教师进行30分钟的个人面试,在此期间,学生将被要求提出与他们的研究和论文兴趣相一致的实践问题. (Please review 实践问题发展的指导方针 为校园面试做准备). 
  3. There will also be a group interview which will occur shortly after the individual interviews, 博士生在哪里进行评估.
  4. 博士生将在4月中旬收到接受或拒绝进入即将到来的队列的通知. 
  5. 从5月的第三周开始,前两门EdD课程将以在线预作业和阅读开始.
  6. Starting on or around July 1, the face to face intensive classes will begin on campus from 9am-4pm for a period of two weeks. 校园课程将在7月的第三周结束,作业将持续到8月的第二周,届时课程将在夏季结束. Dates/schedule subject to change.
  7. Fall/Spring classes be offered as Saturday intensive classes from 9am-4pm throughout the year. Dates/schedule subject to change.

Summer & 2023年秋季报名于4月10日开始

Search for classes – the Office of the Registrar handles the course registration process – more information is available by visiting their website 你可以点击左边的“浏览和注册课程”选项来查看当前的课程安排. 只需从下拉菜单中选择当前术语,它将允许您以各种方式搜索类.

Register Online – 如果您是在读/在读学生或已被研究生课程录取,可以通过myPlymouth门户网站在线完成注册. Be sure to have your user name, password, and the course number and title handy. At the end of the registration process you will be notified of your billing due date. Specific instructions for completing the online registration can be found on the Registrar’s website under the “How to Register” tab.

New to PSU? If you are taking your first graduate class at PSU and have not been admitted to a graduate program, you will need to 填写纸质登记表 可在“注册表格”页签找到的表格. Completed forms should be submitted directly to the Office of the Registrar via email to or faxed to 603-535-2724.

Graduate Tuition Rates – Tuition for graduate coursework is calculated on a per credit rate based on residency status. 点击这里查看当前的学费.

“我的研究生课程要花多少钱?” and “How will I pay for it?” are two of the most common questions asked when considering continuing your education. 这里有一些关于学费的基本信息, financial aid, 奖学金和研究生助理机会. We encourage you to click the links on this page for additional information and resources.

Graduate Tuition and Fees

研究生课程的学费是按学分计算的, 在新罕布什尔州居民和非居民之间略有不同. Please note, the per credit rate varies depending on the level of the program to which you are admitted.


Program Level Tuition Mandatory Fees Per Credit Total
Master’s $560 $42 $602
CAGS $595 $42 $637
EdD $650 $42 $692


Program Level Tuition Mandatory Fees Per Credit Total
Master’s $770 $42 $812
CAGS $745 $42 $787
EdD $825 $42 $867

更多信息可通过 Student Account Services Office.

Financial Aid

Graduate students are eligible for financial aid in the form of student loans only. 你需要在你希望开始上课的学期开始前至少30天完成FAFSA. International students are not eligible for federal financial aid – please review our 国际入学要求 to learn more.

更多信息可以在 Financial Aid webpages.


Each year, Plymouth State offers a limited number 为录取的研究生提供优秀奖学金. 评选标准包括学术和专业成就, commitment to graduate study, 以及个人或职业目标的实现或追求. Visit the PSU奖学金机会网页 for additional information.

Graduate Assistant positions

Graduate assistants are an important part of Plymouth State’s collaborative learning community. They work alongside faculty, staff, 和学生帮助实现大学的目标, 同时获得了宝贵的助理经验, researchers, and teachers.

At this time, our Graduate Assistant positions are limited and available only for certain graduate programs.  Please contact your program coordinator for more information on available positions and the application process.  


INQUIRE – 填写一份简短的咨询表格,冰球突破官网将为您联系课程协调员,并为您提供有关课程的其他信息, admission requirements, faculty information, and more.

VISIT – 冰球突破官网全年举办宣讲会和校园参观, or we can schedule an in-person advising appointment – come check out our beautiful campus in Plymouth, NH

EMAIL – Have a quick question about our wide array of graduate programs and certificates? Send us an email at

CHAT – We would be happy to chat with you – just submit a question to one of our admissions advisors.

Want an answer right away? Give us a call – the Admissions Office is open Mon-Fri from 8:00am-4:30pm at 603-535-2237 or 800-FOR-GRAD.

Graduate Admission Team – Whether you are continuing your education or have been out of school for a while, 冰球突破官网在这里帮助指导你完成申请过程, 协助你注册第一学期的课程, and provide you with “next steps, information, and resources on campus.

Program Coordinator/Advisor – 一旦你被研究生录取, you will be assigned an academic advisor who will be your go-to person for class scheduling, 项目和/或课程问题, and academic guidance.

Office of the Registrar – can assist with course registration, transcript requests and degree conferral information

Student Account Services 如果您有关于账单的问题,请与他们联系, employer reimbursement, or financial holds on your account.

Financial Aid Office – is here to assist financial aid, student loans, or other financial related questions.

EdD Course Offerings 2023-24
Please check our course registration page for current offerings or schedule a time to speak with the program coordinator for more information.